For the love of Cheese Cranberry and Hazelnut

For the love of Cheese Cranberry and Hazelnut

  • $10.90

Australia’s love affair with cheeses, dips and pates is forever. However finding the right accompaniment to enhance these savoury delights has sometimes been challenging. But not anymore. For The Love Of Cheeses' collections of Artisan Fruit and Seed Crispbreads are just right to partner all of your favourite canapes because they help to match the flavours with a satisfying crunch of their own.

These Cranberry & Hazelnut crispbreads blend sensational cranberries and sweet hazelnuts with a peppy array of delicious seeds as the perfect partner for dips, cheeses and pates 


Cranberry  & Hazelnut features:

  • Made in Australia and sourced from mostly local ingredients.
  • Ingredients include flour, cranberries, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, linseed, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, brown sugar, honey, milk and sea salt.
  • Enhances the taste and texture of fine cheeses, dip and pates.
  • Presented in a decorative For The Love Of Cheeses box.
  • Contains traces of nuts, seeds and dairy.