Awaken Bath Tea Bags

Awaken Bath Tea Bags

  • $24.95

Our Aromatherapy Bath Tea Bags are hand blended in Noosa using premium Epsom, Pink Himalayan and natural Sea Salt. With added coconut oil to nourish your skin and scented with essential oils, they are an indulgent treat for your body and mind.

Our AWAKEN blend features citrus notes of Lemon, May Chang, Pink Grapefruit & Lime essential oils and added Lemon Verbena herbal Tea. An AWAKEN soak will refresh and energise your body and mind.

Directions for use:
Add your Bath Tea Bag to warm (does not need to be hot) bath water, Do not remove the contents from the bag, place the whole muslin bag into the bath. The Bath Tea Bag will float in the water and release its amazing aroma as the salts dissolve.

This product contains essential oils and may not be suitable for pregnant women.
Do not drink the bath water.

Each box contains 2 x 125g Bath Tea Bags