• $149.90

A fantastic mix of treats for all, looking stunning in a colourful Christmas tower. Alcohol free, Handmade chocolates, fruit cake, cashews, lavosh, cookies, fudge and much more. Always one of our most popular gifts.

Aspire contains:

  • Striped storage boxes (3)
  • Italian Belli Biscotti 100g 
  • Nibble merchant popcorn 50g
  • Hachez 100g strawberry chocolate 100g
  • Bites butter shortbread 50g
  • Dutch bakehouse mini toast 80g
  • Trentham Tucker Sienna panforte (GF) 200g
  • Chocolatier bauble Bon Bon 54g 
  • Herb & Spice mill beetroot and toasted onion dip mix 28gm
  • Picky Picky sweet chilli & lime peanuts 80g
  • Olives marinated with thyme& parsley 30g
  • Rutherford and Meyers quince paste
  • TT lavosh 175g
  • Trentham tucker christmas puddings 100g
  • Paton chocolate coasted macadamia 
  • Truffles x 6 
  • Ogilvie cheese nibbles 50g
  • Beerenberg gourmet blue cheese dressing 300 ml 
  •  Piranha cashew multigrain & soy snack mix 80g